Some newcomer questions

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Jan 10 16:58:06 GMT 2007

Martin Koller wrote:
> On Sa Jan 6 2007, Marcus Woletz wrote:
>> Do I have to compile and test the whole KDE 
>> on my local system?
> It is enough to change/compile and install libkonq and then simply run 
> konqueror.
> So at least check out kdebase (there might be a way to limit this further, but 
> I don't know the details of how to set up and configure only a part of a KDE 
> module for development)

I do 'make && make install' in subdirs of kde packages all the time, but 
I am also running 100%-from-sources KDE. At any rate if you do a build 
of all of kdebase /once/, then doing 'make && make install' in only the 
subdir(s) you need should be fine (I think). Either way you have to run 
top-level configure, of course. :-)

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