[PATCH] Nicer category headers in SystemSettings

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Mon Dec 31 00:58:11 GMT 2007

Hi Aurélien and all,

I've always preferred a 1 pixel line, but some people told me it was  
almost missing. Well, I really vote for this change, but not exactly  
for your patch.

The reasons of why I don't actually support this patch 100% is:

- Only systemsettings => kpluginselector and dolphin would look different
- Margin of the title removed. I really think having a small margin  
difference between the line start and the text is better.

Patches are for SystemSettings, Dolphin and KPluginSelector:

I really think they look better this way. I also have added a needed  
parameter to the method that determines the category height when  
drawing (the index).

Aurélien, if this patches are accepted, and you want to commit it just  
tell it here and CCMAIL me the commit :)

Thanks for your work and ideas Aurélien,
Rafael Fernández López.

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