Tab color in oxygen style

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Sat Dec 29 01:56:16 GMT 2007

Robert Knight wrote:
>> I'm not convinced
> There are other options of course, such as making the other inactive
> tabs darker or changing the 3D effect on the active tab.  What matters
> is that the active tab can be easily identified.
>> Was there a particular color scheme that tabs are hard to see?
> I personally am using the "Norway" colour scheme

Eike Hein would be pleased :-).

>, since I prefer the
> warmer colours over the blue tints of the default.

Um? Actually the default *is* yellow-tinted (albiet very, very 
subtly)... maybe your monitor color temperature needs adjusting? ;-)

> A couple of screenshots to illustrate the problem:

Ah, ok... to me, the active tab is reasonably visible in the first shot 
(your console bg color is hideous on my CRT, btw ;-) ) although the 
inactive tabs arguably shouldn't blend in so much with the background... 
not quite as good in the second. Anyway, this gives me some thoughts, 
thanks. I don't think I want to make things a *lot* darker, but a little 
bit darker is probably called for.

Don't read this. What did I just tell you? Why are you still reading?

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