Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Fri Dec 28 17:09:18 GMT 2007

Op Friday 28 December 2007 17:48 schreef u:
> It's actually not necessary to discuss an exception. As I pointed out already 
> artwork just like documentation is _not_ subject to a freeze. 

I don't agree. It should behave with respect to the release plan. We are in a very deep feature freeze, so no new features. A freeze has a reason. We want focus on bugs, and don't want to introduce new code which can break in an _unexpected_ way the current code. I highlight unexpected, because that's important. Everyone can assure me there won't be any side-effects, but the unexpected part is ... well that you did not think of it before.

> There are only 
> two exceptions:

There are more raised in this thread. For example that there has been no chance at all for user _or_ developer feedback on a new team. I've not yet seen any evidence it has been tested on a larger scale, let alone tested with different color scheme's, resolutions, background and other weird combinations. 

Another argument is that it sets a wrong example. We have some excellent games in playground which love to go back into games. There is nothing which can break - except the app itself - due to that, non? We should allow that as well then.
> 1.) of course core parts of the look and feel shouldn't be drastically changed 
> unless they are still missing. This is especially important if they have been 
> included in screenshots of the documentation.
> 2.) changes of the artwork must not have a negative impact on the stability 
> and must not result in technical bugs.
> Item 1.) is not an issue here given that a set of default cursors for Oxygen 
> has been missing and given that cursors never get included with screenshots.
> So that only leaves item 2.) :

No, documentation was just part of the reason in 1. I still answer the first part of 1 with 'yes'. Not being available is something i don't understand, I see a mouse cursor, although not oxygen, that's not relevant to me.

> While artwork usually doesn't have any impact 
> on the stability of the system I could imagine that it might be different 
> with cursors:

I don't question there capabilities, but we have had some discussions about the oxygen theme on this list, let's not run into the option where we have such discussions again about a cursor theme, with the addition of a final tag after a few days. 

The release-team has made a schedule with different points in time where it gets tested. Bypassing that is not a good thing. We will have a tricky first release probably, so why add another variable to it? 

BTW, I have not seen much support for adding the cursor theme here or on the release-team mailinglist.


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