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Fri Dec 28 17:36:26 GMT 2007

On Friday 28 December 2007 18:09:18 Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Friday 28 December 2007 17:48 schreef u:
> I don't agree. It should behave with respect to the release plan.
> We are in a very deep feature freeze, so no new features.

There aren't any new features. This is artwork. 

> want focus on bugs, and don't want to introduce new code which can break in
> an _unexpected_ way the current code. 

Which code changes does the oxygen cursor theme need? 

> There are more raised in this thread. For example that there has been no
> chance at all for user _or_ developer feedback on a new team. 

And it has been pointed out that it's up to the artist's authority to decide 
whether to take that risk. Just like it's mostly up to the coder's authority 
to tell whether big last-minute changes to the code are a risk that is worth 
to be taken.

> Another argument is that it sets a wrong example. We have some excellent
> games in playground which love to go back into games. There is nothing
> which can break - except the app itself - due to that, non? We should allow
> that as well then.

Again, I'm all for a feature freeze in terms of code. However artwork and 
documentation are exceptions as their work requires that the software and 
features are there already. 
It's like in the theater where the make-up artists are busy getting the make 
up of the main actors ready up to the last second before the curtain opens. 
Or like the interior designer who can only get the real work done once the 
house is built.

> The release-team has made a schedule with different points in time where it
> gets tested. Bypassing that is not a good thing.

There is no bypassing. The release schedule doesn't talk about artwork.


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