fixing Ctrl+A shortcut in konqueror location bar

David Faure faure at
Mon Dec 24 09:57:15 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 11 December 2007, Matt Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> The fact that the Ctrl+A shortcut in konqueror's location bar hasn't worked for awhile now has really bugged me. I sat down to fix it tonight and came up with the attached patch. 
> However, the patch is bogus. While it allows me to use Ctrl+A successfully in the location bar, using the same shortcut in the khtml part is now broken. If someone could provide some guidance on how I could fix this, I'd appreciate it

Probably because the KHTMLView doesn't have focus, its viewport has.
I guess this needs Qt-4.4's new enum value in Qt::ShortcutContext (forgot the exact name) which includes child widgets.
(so, not fixable yet)

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