cannot open shared object file

Allen Winter winter at
Tue Dec 18 14:06:37 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 18 December 2007 04:27:52 Simon St James wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running into the above error during startup in KDE4Daily.  I was assuming 
> that it was an error on my part, but apparently a few people have reported 
> it, so I thought I'd try and give some info to help narrow it down.
> It seems to have been introduced between r748956 and r749611, and persists in 
> 749843.  KDE4Daily has its install rooted at /storage/tmp/kde4dev, and 
> is present in /storage/tmp/kde4dev/kde/lib and has been binary 
> equal across the listed revisions.  ksmserver has been different in each 
> revision, however.
> I've modified startkde to contain the following lines:
> echo "Vars:"
> export
> echo "End vars"
> ldd /storage/tmp/kde4dev/kde/bin/ksmserver
> just before the line
> kwrapper4 ksmserver $KDEWM
> Attempting to start KDE4 via KDM gives the .xsession-errors listed here:
> Interestingly, I was able, on a couple of attempts, to manually start an 
> X-server and boot into KDE4 using a manual call to startkde.  Unfortunately, 
> I don't seem to be able to do that now [the X-server now crashes with some 
> libGL error] and didn't obtain a log :/
> When preparing a KDE4Daily update, I don't "make clean", but I do completely 
> wipe the kde & Qt install (i.e. I delete all contents 
> of /storage/tmp/kde4dev/) so there should be no stale libraries floating 
> around.
> I should be on IRC as "SSJ_GZ" if anyone wants any more info!
> Hope this helps to narrow things down for you.

I encountered this bug yesterday as well.
I spent the entire day rebuilding and attempting to debug, with no luck.

Out of desperation I removed  my install dir and all build dirs.
Basically, I started from scratch.

I left the build to run while I slept.
And this morning things work again.

I'm sure startkde failed at the line
kwrapper4 ksmserver $KDEWM
with the cannot load error

But I did find out that logging in with a failsafe session
and running kwin&;plasma& works pretty well.

Good luck,

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