Closing all bugs?

Matt Rogers mattr at
Fri Dec 14 13:04:39 GMT 2007

On Friday 14 December 2007 06:10:16 Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 December 2007, Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> > Would this be a good idea to do?
> Funny when we talk about closing KDE3 bugs when there are 55 bugs and
> 494 wishes entered in bugzilla prior to the release date of KDE 3.0. :)
> There is one big problem in bugzilla, namely that it is hard to sort out
> the bugs filed for KDE3. If we could tag them now - when there are not
> so many KDE4 bugs yet -, that would make life easier for the developer.
>  Than each and every developer could see his bugs, and mass-close the
> KDE 3.0 ones if he wants. I oppose to blindly close all the bugs for
> KDE3. Sure, it would be nice to start with 0 bugs in KDE4, but who can
> say that we will not end at 10000 in a few years, just like it happened
> before? If we have that tagging, we could have preset queries in
> bugzilla for KDE3 and KDE4 bugs, maybe even show them separately in the
> statistics, just to make our product look less bug free. :)
> Of course there are bugs that should be closed, but unfortunately this
> cannot be done correctly without reviewing them. In my opinion those
> bugs should be closed that:
> - don't have a valid backtrace
> - has a comment that cannot reproduce
> - the developer asked for more question (NEEDINFO tag would be nice),
> but wasn't given any answer in X months (X can be something like 3-6).
> Closing based on such criteria should be THAT time consuming. The
> problematic are bugs that were never verified by any developer and as
> such you have to test it.
> Andras

We can tag them now. We should create a keyword for all current KDE 3 bugs in 
bugzilla called "KDE3" or something similar and assign it to each bug in 
bugzilla that's not currently open against a KDE 4 snapshot.

Then we could even provide a report that says "New bugs in KDE 4.0" based on 
that keyword.

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