Request to merge the newssl branch

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Fri Dec 14 12:45:50 GMT 2007

On Thursday 13 December 2007 20:04:40 Tom Albers wrote:
> > However, I am very interested in getting a KDE 4.0(.0) out of the door in
> > a condition that at least the lunatic fringe
> >
> > can enjoy.
> Ok, My personal opinion is that I would love to have the code (I can use it
> out of the box in Mailody), but we are in RC2 currently and the next
> planned released is the 4.0.0 one at this moment. It's simply to late. Or
> we should insert at least another RC.

The utility of RC releases for testing is actually quite limited. As soon as 
people start get it in their hands, it's ~1 week old, and therefore 
relatively useless since (at least in the past releases) many changes have 
gone in. My experience is that when someone reports a problem with an RC, 
she's asked if it's still present in the latest snaps (and often not able to 
verify because there aren't snapshot packages). In most cases, the problem is 
already solved. The window in which an RC as a testing base is useful is just 
very limited.

In other words, in fact we rely on people running current SVN, being able to 
update, patch and test. That's not to say that RCs are useless, just not for 
testing. And it's also not necessarily a bad thing. There are quite some 
people who can verify bugs who are running SVN.

Otherwise I agree with Tom. The release team is not able to assess 
risk/utility of newssl right now. We need support of those knowledgeable 
individuals. It's a time-critical thing as well.

Finally, thanks KDAB for 'chipping in'.
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