Request to merge the newssl branch

David Faure faure at
Fri Dec 14 15:49:13 GMT 2007

On Thursday 13 December 2007, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> > Maybe there are volunteers to give the branch some more testing? Right now
> > however the merge of this monday's changes into the branch is still pending
> > so kdelibs from the branch may or may not work with the rest of your KDE4
> > install. There is a known bug in the SMTP(IIRC) ioslave that is a simple
> > consequence of changing the return type of TCPSlaveBase::startTLS() to an
> > enum with values different from the previous int. That will be easy to fix
> > one way or another.
> >
> > Comments please!
> >
> The number of comments gives me some hint about why nobody else took care of 
> SSL. I should mention that I'm doing this on paid time by KDAB; it's not like 
> I like to read books about SSL in my free time :P
> However, I am very interested in getting a KDE 4.0(.0) out of the door in a 
> condition that at least the lunatic fringe 
> can enjoy.

I'm missing one important bit of information: is this patch source+binary compatible,
assuming it affects any public API?
If it's BIC (and if it has to be BIC), then there is no choice, it -has- to go in now...

If we don't merge it now and the kdelibs-4.0 api forces us to keep broken ssl stuff (at the API level)
forever, we'll regret it.

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