Request to merge the newssl branch

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Thu Dec 13 19:04:40 GMT 2007

Op Thursday 13 December 2007 19:19 schreef u:
> The number of comments gives me some hint about why nobody else took care of 
> SSL. I should mention that I'm doing this on paid time by KDAB; it's not like 
> I like to read books about SSL in my free time :P


Anyway. I think this thread needs input from people who actually have a clue about it. Say Thiago or George Staikos or anyone else familiar with the previous implementation.

> However, I am very interested in getting a KDE 4.0(.0) out of the door in a 
> condition that at least the lunatic fringe 
> can enjoy.

Ok, My personal opinion is that I would love to have the code (I can use it out of the box in Mailody), but we are in RC2 currently and the next planned released is the 4.0.0 one at this moment. It's simply to late. Or we should insert at least another RC. 

> A peek on the release-team list gives me the impression that the chance 
> of getting this in is not very big. 

The release team is also waiting on some input on this from Thiago, but he has not had time to respond. If Thiago tells us it's perfect code, I think that will have a great influence on the opinion.


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