kdelibs/mimetypes ignorant

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Mon Dec 10 01:29:35 GMT 2007

Hmm, reading the file I found:

      <comment>Word document</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="bg">Документ, формат Word</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="cs">Dokument Word</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="de">Word-Dokument</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="es">Documento de Word</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="eu">Word dokumentua</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="hu">Word dokumentum</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="it">Documento Word</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ko">Word 문서</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="nb">Word-dokument</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="nn">Word-dokument</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="sv">Word-dokument</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="uk">Документ Word</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="vi">Tài liệu Word của Microsoft™</comment>

So it seems it can be translated. Sorry for the confusion. Shouldn't we 
somehow tell translators they could focus on this file ?

Bye and thanks, 
Rafael Fernández López

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