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pinheiro nuno at
Mon Aug 27 18:20:25 BST 2007

A Monday 27 August 2007 18:07:54, Andreas Pakulat escreveu:
> On 27.08.07 16:56:03, pinheiro wrote:
> > A Monday 27 August 2007 16:40:05, Andreas Pakulat escreveu:
> > > I don't have a good memory, but IIRC he said something close to "only
> > > ship oxygen" (pinheiro please correct me if I'm wrong here, but thats
> > > what I recall from the style thread from you).
> >
> > yes for the very simple reson that they are vastly supirior in ever
> > aspect, we have all the sizes we want and we will provide resolution
> > specific versions. Can the old ones do that?
> No, but do the people that use those wallpapers _now_ in their
> resolution need resolution-independant wallpapers? I really don't see
> the problem with shipping the old ones besides the new ones and choosing
> a new wallpaper as default (same for styles, music, icons, whatnot).
> Andreas

Couse as pointed not by me the quality of the menu i chose from is also a part 
of the general quality of the restaurant. 
Will this lets keep everybody happy atitude will lead us to having an 
walpaper, styles, music, icons museum inside kde?
Wen do we draw the line? As i said i realy dont want to see my stuf in kde in 
say 6 years. hell the wallpaper plasma is using now is ice but im sooo sick 
of it we wont be send it along with the new ones.

core oxygen icon designer

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