Installed sounds

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at
Mon Aug 27 16:28:44 BST 2007

> Couse we saw litle point in uploding work versions of the same sound, no need
> for 3 difrent startup sounds nor a 20 seconds promo song, nor for 4 diferent
> ping's.

Quite the contrary, there is a VERY valid reason for a couple versions
of each sound: it's called having "options." You see, there is a very
real possibility that I might not like the same sound you do. Care
must be taken when choosing (there is always kde-look) but but having
a "default" and "classic" option at least is something I find
downright necessary. And seeing as how sounds are pretty small and
there is a working interface for the user to choose between them[1]
having some built-in options that can be chosen without an internet
connection and without downloading huge theme packs is something that
will benefit KDE greatly.

[1] There is no doubt that lack of a theming interface for the sounds
is a sad oversight. Luckily, the current interface is serviceable.

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