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pinheiro nuno at
Mon Aug 27 16:06:39 BST 2007

A Monday 27 August 2007 15:54:17, Jaison Lee escreveu:
> > I dont. So we should just keep on hading stuf in...??? We made a contest
> > and kde 4 will have some of the best walppaers i have hever seen, and you
> > want to put in the midle of them pices of work that look plain old and
> > used....?
> How exactly does a digital picture look "used"?  :)  I know you are
> all proud of your Oxygen stuff but there's no need to impune the work
> done by earlier artists. I really like a lot of the current desktops.
> See, what I object to is that you do not seem to be saying anything
> like, "The version specific wallpapers (ones that say 3.5 or 3.5)
> obviously need to go and for reasons of technical superiority all KDE4
> Wallpapers should really be SVG not jpg." Those are statements I can
> get behind. Those are valid reasons for removing something that
> someone like me probably has on their desktop right now. What you are
> saying comes off more like "Those are old and Oxygen is teh r0x0r so
> everyone change your desktops."
> Additionally, I'm more than a little defensive because I haven't felt
> like coding in KDE4 for months now because of just this type of
> current-users-don't-matter mentality and the first thing I try and do
> to get back greets me in the exact same way.

The worts thing it would hapend to kde and oxygen  would be 6 years from now 
to be still shiping oxygen we made today.
Everything changes, i expect that, change is not good you migh argue, but 
still i prefer change to be still.

> > > How about we make a deal? When there are more than a grand total of 16
> > > seemingly random Oxygen sounds that aren't even being installed right
> > > now, then we can revisit things, but until then let's stop trying to
> > > remove currently working alternatives.
> >
> > Want me to upload them right now???
> If they are supposed to be what KDE4 uses why in god's name AREN'T
> they there? We're tagging Beta2 in a few days. What precisely are you
> waiting for? 2 days after distros start burning their CDs?

Couse we saw litle point in uploding work versions of the same sound, no need 
for 3 difrent startup sounds nor a 20 seconds promo song, nor for 4 diferent 


core oxygen icon designer

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