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pinheiro nuno at
Mon Aug 27 15:30:35 BST 2007

A Monday 27 August 2007 14:59:49, Jaison Lee escreveu:
> > > > Can we just simple remove all of the old stuf and just keep the new
> > > > ones please? They are small simlpe and elegant.
> > >
> > > I don't see any reason to remove perfectly good preexisting sounds.
> > > The Oxygen ones are nice and I'm sure some people will enjoy them but
> > > others (such as myself) will like things as-is.
> >
> > Ok and i gess the same goes to wallpapers, icons, and everything rest,
> > makes sence.
> No actually it doesn't. This conversation wasn't talking about those,
> but thank you for making it seem as though it was. FWIW, I think most
> old wallpapers should be kept, icons unfortunately not due to sheer
> size, and I can't speak for "everything rest" because I don't feel
> like putting words in your mouth as you seem to wish to do so for me.

I dont. So we should just keep on hading stuf in...??? We made a contest and 
kde 4 will have some of the best walppaers i have hever seen, and you want to 
put in the midle of them pices of work that look plain old and used....?

> I really don't understand why so many people feel the need to rm any
> file that existed in KDE3 simply because it was there. I continue to
> be extremely worried about the slow destruction of the KDE environment
> that I've enjoyed using for so long now.
> > I realy dont see any reson for this old stuf to not be removed to
> > kde-look or somware like that.
> How about we make a deal? When there are more than a grand total of 16
> seemingly random Oxygen sounds that aren't even being installed right
> now, then we can revisit things, but until then let's stop trying to
> remove currently working alternatives.

Want me to upload them right now???
I judge a desktop in alll its aspects and the quality and coerency of its 
options is one of them.


core oxygen icon designer

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