clarification on git, central repositories and commit access lists

Josef Spillner spillner at
Mon Aug 20 13:31:25 BST 2007

On Monday 20 August 2007 13:22:18 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> No, I want this:
> kdelibs# work...
> kdelibs# commit -m "New API"
> kdelibs# work...
> kdelibs# commit -m "Adapt kdelibs to new API"
> kdelibs# cd ../kdegames
> kdegames# work...
> kdegames# commit -m "Adapt kdegames to new API"
> kdegames# cd ..
> KDE# push all changes

You want to maintain local-only branches then. With SVK, you can easily 
differentiate between "commit" (to local-only branch) and "push", where push 
can be a 1:1 replay or a lump commit which lumps all changes together.

For a sample commit, see how I'm adding network-wide rankings functionality to 
(notice that all of the commits were done in < 2 minutes, and all have a 
local-only revision number attached which I can use for future references)

For a simple lump commit which clusters logically linked changes, see:


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