Which styles to keep?

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at telegraph-road.org
Thu Aug 16 14:27:27 BST 2007

On Aug 16, 2007, at 3:04 PM, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> if you have convincing data that presenting "classical" styles to new
> users is Bad (TM), then don't do it - in the welcome wizard or  
> whatever.


> but do you really think that alienating those who create kde is to  
> kde's
> best? i know at least one very "worthwhile" guy who lost motivation
> because of the increasing "professionalization" and market orientation
> of kde. i bet he isn't the only one.

Well, too bad for him, but I think we can do without people who can't  
think out of their own geek-pink bubble.


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