Which styles to keep?

Mosfet daniel.duley at verizon.net
Tue Aug 14 13:13:19 BST 2007

<Lubos and Luciano essentially wrote>

We like the old styles!

</Lubos and Luciano essentially wrote>

Well, okay - I can certainly see why people would want simple styles, for me 
it's mostly a matter of time and the fact that Qt now has Plastique and 
CleanLooks. Can I, (or someone else), get this done properly in time for 
KDE4.0 as well as all the other stuff that has to be done and is it high 
priority? It isn't just Blitz and porting the stuff in kdelibs and base, I 
also got my own KDE projects I wanted to release the first alpha of to 
coincide with KDE4.0. No way that's going to happen now :P

Just because it's not in kdelibs doesn't mean it's dropped entirely, tho. I 
can certainly see porting at least Highcolor/B3, doing it right with the new 
QPainter, and sticking it in kdeartwork or something. And of course the KWin 
styles will stay somewhere as well since they are easy to hack. I can easily 
see an "oldschool" kdeartwork module >:)

Unless something changes my priorities at this point is:

1) Port libs and base off of KImageEffect. This also includes redoing 
KIconEffect properly and the KWin styles. I'm recompliing SVN now and will 
start this either tonight or tomorrow morning.

2) Port apps if the developers request it.

3) Get an alpha version of Pixie 4.0 out.

4) Old widget styles.

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