Blitz now in kdesupport - Porting time! :)

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Sat Aug 11 12:35:12 BST 2007

Mosfet schrieb:
> I've just added Blitz to kdesupport so it's time to start porting. If your an 
> app developer and were using KImageEffect either port to Blitz or QPainter. 
> There is a small porting README in the Blitz folder and if you need any help 
> feel free to email me.
> As for what I can do, if you guys need help I can take a gander at porting 
> libs and base to start with, especially the old style stuff. Widget styles 
> are no problem but I am currently running KDE4 from a KDE3 shell so will need 
> someone to work with me and test all the KWin styles once I finish.
Ok, I've fixed your lib to compile with msvc/win32. We maybe need asm 
support for msvc.


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