AW: installing libs on Windows

Nhuh Put nhuh.put at
Tue Aug 7 21:25:01 BST 2007

The real problem with dlls in lib/ isn't imho the need to adust the PATH
variable, it's rather something like sticking to the standards. Mingw,
cygwin, gtk, gimp, qt and every other open source program I checked puts the
dlls in bin/. If somebody will search for the kde dlls, he will look in
kdedir/bin. There he will find dlls like qt, zlib, png, and many other dlls,
but no kde. Probably he will look next in lib/, but probably he won't.
Either way, it's annoying and unnecessary.
If you oppose a macro that strongly, we will change the install commands to
the long version, but I think this is a worse solution. Many developers will
forget it or won't care because they want to have a working cmake file and
don't want to put more time into it the necessary. We can fix this for
applications in the KDE svn, but not for external applications. 


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