Please remove noisy output from kdebug

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Aug 4 21:21:14 BST 2007

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>would it be possible to remove the extra noisy output from kdebug when
>its called after destruction (whatever destruction is meant here).
>This makes kdebug output mostly useless in a shell when an application
>crashes as you enourmus buffer to not have only these in it.

I left it there because I had no idea if there were valid usecases for 
calling kDebug() after the global destructors had been run. (Read: 
calling *from* a global destructor of something)

>kDebugStream called after destruction; backtrace: [
>0: /home/andreas/kde4/lib/
> [0xb7a8e548] 1:
> /home/andreas/kde4/lib/
>1_+0x43) [0xb7a8e843] 
>2: /home/andreas/kde4/lib/ [0xb7a4d4c7]
>3: /home/andreas/kde4/lib/ [0xb7b549d2]
>4: /home/andreas/kde4/lib/ [0xb7b50a9d]
>5: /home/andreas/kde4/lib/ [0xb7a681db]

I'm interested in knowing what those frames above (2 to 5) are. 2 is 
probably kDebug(int) or KDebug::operator()(int).

Oh, wait, I do have the line number from the call... :-) I'll update the 
code but leave the noisy output for a while. Let's see if the usecases 
are valid first.

>6: /lib/ [0xb64c84a4]
>7: /home/andreas/qt-copy/lib/ [0xb695cd4b]

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