Making kdefx static

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Fri Aug 3 21:34:53 BST 2007

Op vr 3 aug 2007 21:23 schreef u:
> As far as I know the plan is to introduce Blitz from Mosfet as
> replacement for kdefx in KDE 4.0 and replace that by Quasar for 4.1
> (when its ready). Blitz would be created as static library so its easier
> to remove later on and AFAIK Mosfet wanted to help in the porting
> effort. This would allow to svn rm kdefx completely for kde4.0


I have some concerns about this:

- this looks like a new subsystem - the deadline for that has passed months back for that

- we are in beta right now - adding large pieces of new code - untested with real apps - in kdelibs should be avoided imho.

- replacing something with something else and replacing that again for 4.1 is not optimal - do we want to go on that road ?

My conclusion would be that it is too late in the release process to do it now. I would suggest to move it to a separate location. kdesupport has been mentioned. 

I'm not the one to decide this, just venting my opinion here. If core developers say it is ok, I'm absolutely fine with it. Just wanted to raise it here.


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