Making kdefx static

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Aug 4 21:14:15 BST 2007

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Forget "static".
>> You can't link a static library to a dynamic library.
>Well obviously we need to fix that :-). 

You can't fix that because it's a requirement on the linker.

Some linkers support linking static libraries into final libraries, some 

Hmm... wait... this is not the --whole-archive option. That would be a 
*convenience* library, which is not supported.

Maybe linking a static would work. I am not sure now. In any case, I don't 
believe it's worth the effort of trying out all platforms we use. Just 
add the necessary .o into the library you need to use them in.

>But the impression I got is that 
>more apps use it than libraries (or at least, I have some idea of what
>the lib users are and know they can - and should - be fixed). However...

Applications cannot use it.

>> Leave it a normal, dynamic, shared library. Just don't install the
>> headers and remove its finding from the KDE cmake macros.
>...that doesn't work at all because apps use it, and therefore we
>*cannot* remove the headers (take a look at lxr to get an idea of the
>work required). So unless I am missing something, the choice is 'static'
>(fixing lib users, as above) or 'stuck with it until KDE5'.

Applications cannot use it.

If you install the headers, you're stuck with the headers until KDE 5.

Alternatively, split it out of kdelibs, move it to kdesupport. That would 
make it an "external" dependency. Then applications could opt to use it 
or not use it, depending on how they evolve.

Someone would have to release it as a tarball package sometime before KDE 

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