Off-Topic: GPL Ghostscript 8.57 is released -- go ask your distro packagers to please provide packages [was: 'no simple way to print a QTextDocument in KDE(?)']

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Thu Aug 2 14:35:01 BST 2007

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> [ Of course, you (as the app developer) are now 'off the hook', so to
>   speak. You can say: "See, my app did create the perfect PDF for you.
>   It's not my business to make sure it prints alright. Go complain with
>   CUPS/Ghostscript/KDEPrint/$whatever developers...", and you're even
>   right now.   ;-)    But I fail to see why you should amputate kprinter
>   from KOffice, and make users load the printfile manually (as a PDF)
>   from a directory into kprinter...  ]

I think it should be told to the world:

  Did you know that Ghostscript 8.57 has been released since a few months

  And its developers, artofcode LLC changed their licensing policy: it
  now is GPL from the beginning [no more AFPL for us],

  And it is merged with ESP Ghostscript...

  And it now contains direct support for CUPS ("-sDEVICE=cups"), and it
  has all the many printer drivers from ESP Ghostscript included, and it
  has all the *illions of bug fixes from ESP Ghostscript also included,
  and it is now gone a few steps towards more modularity when building
  (no more monolithic "gs" binary), and it now is based on 'auto*'-tools
  for building, and it is *much* better with color/color-profiles than
  any earlier GS-version.

  And it is *much* better with PDF processing (PDF-input as well as PDF-
  output), and....   

However, it seems not any major news outlet on the Internet did report
about this important breakthru... no major distro packager did build
new packages [not even anything in the openSUSE build service]... no
one seems to care much.... Why, oh why does it need someone named Kurt
Pfeifle to get again a private/personal Linux-desktop after a year's of
enforced pause, find out and kick everybody into action ?? ]

Kurt Pfeifle
System & Network Printing Consultant ---- Linux/Unix/Windows/Samba/CUPS
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