Off-Topic: GPL Ghostscript 8.57 is released -- go ask your distro packagers to please provide packages [was: 'no simple way to print a QTextDocument in KDE(?)']

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Thu Aug 2 16:21:33 BST 2007

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> However, it seems not any major news outlet on the Internet did report
> about this important breakthru... no major distro packager did build
> new packages [not even anything in the openSUSE build service]... no
> one seems to care much.... Why, oh why does it need someone named Kurt
> Pfeifle to get again a private/personal Linux-desktop after a year's of
> enforced pause, find out and kick everybody into action ?? ]
Gentoo has had an ebuild for it since 12 Jun 2007.  I suppose this is a 
result of you kicking them into action.

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