A KSelectAction dedicated to QTextCodec selection ?

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 16:43:42 BST 2006

2006/9/19, Robert Knight <robertknight at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Is this the selection action which is used for the "IRC -> Encoding" menu?
> If so then yes, it would be useful in other applications.  Kate and
> Konsole have similar menus for starters.

Yes that. But they seems to not use a class for this.

> I think there is an opportunity for usability and aesthetic
> improvements to the menu in the future.  There are usually a lot of
> codecs available, so the menu fills up the entire screen.  On my
> desktop PC it takes up two full-height menus.
> This looks ugly and it takes longer to find the codec you are looking
> for as a result.

As a prillimary solution we take all the encodings names, but it can
be improved I think, buy putting the aliases as tool tips or other
contextual info.

> A better solution I think is something Gnome applications do.  On the
> gnome-terminal's "Set Character Encoding" menu, it just shows a list
> of 'favourite' encodings, plus an "Add or Remove..." button which
> brings up a separate dialog allowing the user to specify which
> encodings (from a long list) are shown on the menu.
> What Gnome applications don't do is share this setting between
> applications.  I presume that if you work with a particular set of
> encodings in Kate for example then it is likely that you would want to
> work with a similar set in the terminal or Kopete.

This can done in the future, but there are at least other important
feature to do first like allowing to distinguish ascii and non ascii
compatible (ex utf-8 and utf-16), and allow the user to have a limited
set of entries in it (by programation first).

> Still, as I said, just some ideas for the future.
> Regards,
> Robert.
> On 19/09/06, Michel Hermier <michel.hermier at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > While cleaning kopete (IRC) code, I looked a one class we have here,
> > that allow us to chose a QTextCodec using the action system. I think
> > it could be interesting to have it in kdeui.
> > The code in the repository is not looking like what other
> > KSelectAction subclass. But I modified the class locally so that it
> > looks much more like the other subclass.
> > I would like to know if peopole think it can be interresting to have
> > such class in kdeui ?
> >
> > Michel
> >
> > PS: I hope to be able to commit the change soon, so that it can be
> > reviewed if needed.
> >

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