KAssistantDialog - reworked proposal

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Sep 14 12:26:04 BST 2006


On Thursday 14 September 2006 12:43, Matthias Lechner wrote:
> here is a reworked proposal for the KAssistantDialog class created by
> Jaroslaw (jstaniek) and me.

I wonder whether this is not slightly too high level for many cases. Sure, 
your proposal is very helpful, if you have a structure like this:

      Page2a - Page3a - Page4a
     /                        \
Page1                          End
     \                        /
      Page2b - Page3b    - 

However, what about cases where you really just want to skip over one page:

Page1   -   Page3 - Page4   -   Page6 - End
     \     /             \     /
      Page2               Page5

If I understand your proposal correctly, this would mean setting up four 
different paths, eight if there's a third optional page.

What I do think is very nice about your approach is the ability to "group" 

Two suggestions:
1) Maybe it would be more useful to just allow the user to define page groups 
instead of "paths". Then, in the first example you could just say "disable 
group b" or "disable group a". In the second example, you'd use a more 
traditional approach of disabling pages 2 and 5, if appropriate.

2) If you want to stick with paths, at least do the following:
a) re-add a KAssistantPage::setAppropriate()/isAppropriate() to make the 
second example less painful
b) maybe add something like a default path to the KAssistantDialog, and add a 
KAssistantDialog::addPage(), which would add to the default path, so very 
simply assistants (fixed page order) remain very simply to set up.

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