KAssistantDialog - reworked proposal

Matthias Lechner matthias at lmme.de
Thu Sep 14 11:43:30 BST 2006


here is a reworked proposal for the KAssistantDialog class created by Jaroslaw 
(jstaniek) and me.

As you can see in the class diagram at 
http://lmme.de/kassistant/kassistant_class.png, the new api would be a 
complete break with the existing api but it allowed much cleaner code and 
more flexibility.

The new classes can be found at:

An example usage of the new api is available here:

Furthermore there is still an open issue regarding the UI of KAssistantDialog.
The question is whether we want to use a reworked version of a graphical "step 
list" I proposed before (svg art, ...) or if we want to stick to already 
existing widgets.

Best regards

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