KAssistantDialog - reworked proposal

Matthias Lechner matthias at lmme.de
Thu Sep 14 14:00:41 BST 2006

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your comments!

> However, what about cases where you really just want to skip over one page:
> ...
> If I understand your proposal correctly, this would mean setting up four
> different paths, eight if there's a third optional page.

Yes, you are right, I didn't see that use case. So at least the 
setAppropriate() pair should be re-added though I don't like the idea of 
having two different approaches to set a page (in-)appropriate.

> What I do think is very nice about your approach is the ability to "group"
> pages.
> Two suggestions:
> 1) Maybe it would be more useful to just allow the user to define page
> groups instead of "paths". Then, in the first example you could just say
> "disable group b" or "disable group a". In the second example, you'd use a
> more traditional approach of disabling pages 2 and 5, if appropriate.

I also had this idea in mind... we could have "steps" (group of pages) which 
could hold pages that can be set (in-)appropriate.

Best regards

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