Features for the new bugzilla?

Frans Englich englich at kde.org
Sun Sep 10 11:37:49 BST 2006

On Friday 08 September 2006 17:52, Thomas McGuire wrote:
> Hi!
> On Friday 08 September 2006 15:29, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> > Hi,
> > As I guess everyone knows, there's a new server for bugs.kde.org being
> > prepared, with a newer version of bugzilla installed. This seems like a
> > good opportunity to discuss what additional features or changes would be
> > useful in the new bugzilla installation.
> Generally, have a look at
> http://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&short_desc=&
>erity%2Cbugs.bug_id if you have not already done so.
> I'd like to have the ability to have more permissions on the bugs I've
> entered, e.g. closing them other things than WORKSFORME. This makes it
> possible to close your own bug as DUPLICATE or FIXED if you later see that
> this is the case.
> Additionally, the ability to receive bugzilla mails on modified bugs you've
> only commented to would be nice. Otherwise, in case somebody answers on one
> of your's comments, you would not notice and therefore not respond.

The easiest thing to do that now is to add oneself on the CC list, AFAIK.

> The killer feature would be something like commitfilter does for commits,
> but only for bugs. What I mean is that I want to subscribe to one or more
> things (all Konqueror bugs, all kmail bugs with category imap, all new bugs
> or whatever) and basically receive all bugzilla mails about that topic.
> This would be very useful in many cases and I think helps the bug triage
> people a lot.

This should really be implemented in bugzilla. Something like an atom feed or 
similar. I agree it would be practical.

Hm, did some searching; from "New Features in 

Bugzilla Queries as RSS
You can now view a Bugzilla query as valid RSS 1.0. This means that you could 
add a particular query to your RSS aggregator, if you wanted, to keep track 
of changes in Bugzilla.
To see a query as RSS, just click on the "RSS" link on the bottom of your 
query results. Your query must return at least 1 result in order for you to 
see the link.

> Lastly, when entering new bugs, on the page where you have the ability to
> enter summary, os, compiler etc show a combobox to select the component of
> that application (defaulting to "general"). For example, if the application
> is KMail, the combobox would contain "addressbook", "composer", "IMAP" and
> so on. As a reporter, I see no other way to input this.

That would probably be component selection, somehow. Gnome's simple report 
forms allow that.



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