Features for the new bugzilla?

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at gmx.net
Fri Sep 8 18:52:01 BST 2006


On Friday 08 September 2006 15:29, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> Hi,
> As I guess everyone knows, there's a new server for bugs.kde.org being
> prepared, with a newer version of bugzilla installed. This seems like a
> good opportunity to discuss what additional features or changes would be
> useful in the new bugzilla installation.
Generally, have a look at 
if you have not already done so.

I'd like to have the ability to have more permissions on the bugs I've 
entered, e.g. closing them other things than WORKSFORME. This makes it 
possible to close your own bug as DUPLICATE or FIXED if you later see that 
this is the case.

Additionally, the ability to receive bugzilla mails on modified bugs you've 
only commented to would be nice. Otherwise, in case somebody answers on one 
of your's comments, you would not notice and therefore not respond.

The killer feature would be something like commitfilter does for commits, but 
only for bugs. What I mean is that I want to subscribe to one or more things 
(all Konqueror bugs, all kmail bugs with category imap, all new bugs or 
whatever) and basically receive all bugzilla mails about that topic. This 
would be very useful in many cases and I think helps the bug triage people a 

Lastly, when entering new bugs, on the page where you have the ability to 
enter summary, os, compiler etc show a combobox to select the component of 
that application (defaulting to "general"). For example, if the application 
is KMail, the combobox would contain "addressbook", "composer", "IMAP" and so 
on. As a reporter, I see no other way to input this.


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