kross in kdelibs

Branan Riley branan at
Thu Oct 19 19:27:30 BST 2006

This scripting thing looks interesting, I think many of the KDE apps
could benefit from having scripting integration, etc. Moving even
beyond that, perhaps even Plasma should have Kross support, if it's
possible. The ability to write GUI apps that take full advantage of
Plasma in a scripting language (like Blender Py scripts, for those
familiar with that program) would be, in my opinion, a very large jump
in desktop technology.

Anyway, moving back to this thread, I think the big reason to stick
with pure Qt4 is that it works in KDE, MacOS, Windows, and even
embedded systems based on Qt. I think I read somewhere that there
would be an attempt to make KDE4 work on all platforms, but is that a
guarantee yet? Even if it is, KDE depends on Qt, so why use the extra
library layer if you don't have to?


On 10/19/06, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <friedrich.w.h at> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2006 19:10, schrieb Carsten Niehaus:
> > Am Donnerstag 19 Oktober 2006 18:16 schrieb Sebastian Sauer:
> > > Something like 1.5 years ago work on a framework to provide embedded
> > > scripting for applications was started. Since that time the code
> > > improved, growed, got ported, followed KISS and therefore got smaller,
> > > got new bugs, new fixes and is finally near a shape where I guess other
> > > applications outside of KOffice could start to profit from it.
> >
> > I wonder if it could be generalized enough so that pure Qt4 apps like
> > Scribus could use it as well. In IRC the scribus folks showed a theoretic
> > interest, at least.
> Why should anyone stay with pure Qt4, once KDE4 libs are available? KDE might
> do something wrong if people still stay with Qt4 only, no?
> Friedrich

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