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Eike Hein kde at
Fri Oct 20 07:36:57 BST 2006

Branan Riley wrote:
> Anyway, moving back to this thread, I think the big reason to stick
> with pure Qt4 is that it works in KDE, MacOS, Windows, and even
> embedded systems based on Qt. I think I read somewhere that there
> would be an attempt to make KDE4 work on all platforms, but is that a
> guarantee yet? Even if it is, KDE depends on Qt, so why use the extra
> library layer if you don't have to?

While it's certainly a technologically valid suggestion
to go for Qt4-only if it's viable and reduces cross-de-
pendencies in the platform, let's keep in mind that this
is still kde-core-devel, not qt-addons-devel. I don't
really see how the platform commitments kdelibs makes
factors into the discussion in that context.

Eike Hein, hein at

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