kross in kdelibs

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau friedrich.w.h at
Thu Oct 19 19:16:28 BST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2006 19:10, schrieb Carsten Niehaus:
> Am Donnerstag 19 Oktober 2006 18:16 schrieb Sebastian Sauer:
> > Something like 1.5 years ago work on a framework to provide embedded
> > scripting for applications was started. Since that time the code
> > improved, growed, got ported, followed KISS and therefore got smaller,
> > got new bugs, new fixes and is finally near a shape where I guess other
> > applications outside of KOffice could start to profit from it.
> I wonder if it could be generalized enough so that pure Qt4 apps like
> Scribus could use it as well. In IRC the scribus folks showed a theoretic
> interest, at least.

Why should anyone stay with pure Qt4, once KDE4 libs are available? KDE might 
do something wrong if people still stay with Qt4 only, no?


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