proposal for full application scripting language in KDE 4

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Mon Oct 9 19:05:12 BST 2006

On Monday 09 October 2006 18:33, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Monday 09 October 2006 3:23, Richard Dale wrote:
> > We will make sure that we write a suitable app in Ruby, that we can
> > propose for inclusion in the core kde modules ASAP.
> not to be a PITA, but it would personally be much more convincing if a 3rd
> party person to the bindings/kdev team wrote this app. it would signify
> real interest and support rather than "only" (which is a very big "only", i
> know =) a motivated bindings team.
Well I don't know if it's 'cheating' if myself and Alexander Dymo are 
involved, but the #kde-ruby channel has recently moved into high gear 
considering what app to write. I've begun working on the KDE4 version of the 
Smoke library for Korundum an hour ago.

> > So I agree that we don't want half finished bindings, without a
> > complementary RAD environment or supporting community. But that doesn't
> > mean we have to have only one language. I think both the Python and the
> > Ruby bindings for Qt/KDE are strong enough to qualify.
> IMHO as long as we enough resources to support them, which means enough
> developers with Python and Ruby experience to work on the applications;
> enough developers working on the bindings and support infrastructure; etc
> ...
> > Note that we are working on C++, Java, C# and Ruby support for KDevelop4.
> > Any other languages, such as Python can be implemented as plugins in the
> > extragear module. We haven't included Python, not because we don't like
> > it, but because there is no suitable developer who has volunteered to
> > implement equivalent support to the 4 languages we've chosen to target.
> perhaps something to blog about to see if any motivated Python people
> emerge? perhaps an email to Python interest lists?
Yes, although I'm personally a bit busy with the other rubyists ensuring that 
we don't have Python as our 'One True Scripting Language' at the moment, by 
getting our killer Ruby app together, to do much in the way of Python 

-- Richard

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