proposal for full application scripting language in KDE 4

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Oct 9 20:04:43 BST 2006

On Monday 09 October 2006 12:05, Richard Dale wrote:
> > Well I don't know if it's 'cheating' if myself and Alexander Dymo are 

i don't think it's cheating ;) but it would be even more cool if someone other 
than the bindings people would write such an app. it would probably exercise 
the bindings better, take load off of your shoulders and demonstrate true 
demand. but however the applications arrive, they arrive =)

once we have the bindings in a state you guys are happy with, we should 
certainly start some outreach to the Ruby community to get people using them. 
i'm sure you folks have the best ideas on how to do that. it does seem that 
in the past our bindings have been kept under a rock, and they deserve a lot 
more than that.

> > perhaps something to blog about to see if any motivated Python people
> > emerge? perhaps an email to Python interest lists?
> Yes, although I'm personally a bit busy with the other rubyists ensuring
> that we don't have Python as our 'One True Scripting Language' at the
> moment, by getting our killer Ruby app together, to do much in the way of
> Python evangelism.

yes, i would hope someone who cares about Python in KDE would do the outreach. 
i hear there are a few such people around these parts.

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