proposal for full application scripting language in KDE 4

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Oct 9 18:33:31 BST 2006

On Monday 09 October 2006 3:23, Richard Dale wrote:
> unconvinced that the Qt Jambi bindings will attract much support within the
> KDE community. I'd love to be proved wrong on that though.

i have the feeling that the Jambi bindings will appeal to a group we don't 
have much representation of in KDE development these days: institutional 
developers (corporate, government, etc). played right we may be able to 
expand the KDE community through such Java bindings, but i think you're 
probably quite coorect that the demand within the existing KDE dev community 
is probably rather low.

> Recently, I've been working on Ruby bindings, and am getting some traction.


> We will make sure that we write a suitable app in Ruby, that we can propose
> for inclusion in the core kde modules ASAP.

not to be a PITA, but it would personally be much more convincing if a 3rd 
party person to the bindings/kdev team wrote this app. it would signify real 
interest and support rather than "only" (which is a very big "only", i know 
=) a motivated bindings team.

> So I agree that we don't want half finished bindings, without a
> complementary RAD environment or supporting community. But that doesn't
> mean we have to have only one language. I think both the Python and the
> Ruby bindings for Qt/KDE are strong enough to qualify.

IMHO as long as we enough resources to support them, which means enough 
developers with Python and Ruby experience to work on the applications; 
enough developers working on the bindings and support infrastructure; etc ... 

> Note that we are working on C++, Java, C# and Ruby support for KDevelop4.
> Any other languages, such as Python can be implemented as plugins in the
> extragear module. We haven't included Python, not because we don't like it,
> but because there is no suitable developer who has volunteered to implement
> equivalent support to the 4 languages we've chosen to target.

perhaps something to blog about to see if any motivated Python people emerge? 
perhaps an email to Python interest lists?

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