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Mon Oct 9 19:04:47 BST 2006

Op maandag 09 oktober 2006 18:20, schreef David Faure:
> SVN commit 593946 by dfaure:
> Refactored KFileItem to use QSharedDataPointer - which means that it's now
> allowed to use KFileItem as a value, copying it is cheap, since it's now
> implicitly shared. All the current code uses it as a pointer, which is
> still fine of course, but using it as a value in the future can simplify
> things like PreviewJob, which used to crash due to sometimes keeping a
> pointer to a deleted kfileitem.
> Refcounting KFileItems is what Waldo has been advocating for a very long
> time btw, I'm glad to honor his wish after so many years :)
> Michael, this is also something to keep in mind if/when rewriting
> KDirLister.

Could that have possibly fixed bugs 45938 and 126132?

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