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Wed Oct 11 21:03:26 BST 2006

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 3:36 pm, David Faure wrote:
> SVN commit 588613 by dfaure:
> KDirModel, a directory model for KIO-based directory listings.
>  Handles files being created, modified and deleted at runtime.
>  With unit tests and a gui test program (which creates QListViews and a
> QTreeView to test it) The model has been tested with 10000 subdirs and the
> branch opens as fast as it did in kde3 times.

I like how you have canFetchMore only return true if it is a dir and 0 count.  
I have a flag in my own model, but like you said in the comment, the common 
case is not an empty directory.   Worst case would be a directory that is 
empty that is viewed in a tree and the user constantly is opening and closing 
it.  Hmmm unless someone did


One thing is that there is already a list of dirs that is being watched by the 
kdirlister.  If there was a function to determine if a directory has already 
been added to that canFetchMore could return false and you wouldn't need to 
have a bool populated flag.

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