[RFC] Split tests and examples in KDE4

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Tue Oct 10 08:59:49 BST 2006

On Monday 09 October 2006 22:55, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> The way how tests are built may change in the not-to-distant future, i.e.
> it may become possible again to have a target to build and run just the
> tests.

Oh, nice.

> Beside this, if you think it makes sense to be able to enable/disable
> examples and tests separately, feel free to commit.

Well letting the examples compile all the time is an additional measure 
against breaking the API without adjusting the examples, but often people are 
more interested in a fast compilation of kdelibs, no? At least with Qt many 
are interested in the possibility to not compile the examples and demos.

> I don't have a strong opinion on this.

Since these are Phonon examples I want to compile them all the time anyway. 
It's for the rest of you who have to compile kdelibs that I would add a 
switch to enable/disable examples.

So I will just enable compilation of the examples until somebody tells me to 
make it conditional...

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