Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Tue Oct 3 15:58:50 BST 2006

Stephen Leaf wrote:
> Really when I said that I was referring to the language syntax more than the 
> state of the bindings. I've actually not done anything in perl for at least 3 
> years now. never touched python or ruby. Only scripting I do now is bash and 
> PHP.
You should give Python and Ruby a spin. Python's syntax may be 
off-putting (I thought the same initially) but when you actually try to 
write something with it, it really doesn't get in the way. And even 
though I much prefer Ruby (both syntax and features), Python's single 
coding style is an advantage.

> javascript is actually not a bad language at all.. really the only thing that 
> really turns most people off of it is it's relationship with web pages. and  
> that is because of the mess caused by different implementations.
Please. Have you looked at Javascript's "OO model" ? Javascript is 
suitable to script applications, not to write ones from scratch.


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