Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Stephen Leaf smileaf at
Tue Oct 3 16:46:15 BST 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 9:58 am, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> Stephen Leaf wrote:
> > Really when I said that I was referring to the language syntax more than
> > the state of the bindings. I've actually not done anything in perl for at
> > least 3 years now. never touched python or ruby. Only scripting I do now
> > is bash and PHP.
> You should give Python and Ruby a spin. Python's syntax may be
> off-putting (I thought the same initially) but when you actually try to
> write something with it, it really doesn't get in the way. And even
> though I much prefer Ruby (both syntax and features), Python's single
> coding style is an advantage.
I hardly see a single coding style as an advantage.. Unless of course that 1 
coding style is your preferred coding style.
I can see numerous problems with the indentation block idea python uses.
The highlighting katepart does when the cursor is on a bracket gets used a 
lot. mainly because it makes it faster for me to see the block. I actually do 
keep very good indentations. But once you get into large blocks of code it 
becomes quite easy to lose what block your in, which is where that 
highlighting gets used.
As for ruby, all of the examples I looked at made my head spin. I found I 
almost had to read every line backwards in order to figure out what it was 
trying to do. Those "simple" examples just made my head spin with the "Why?" 
and "could they have possibly made this any more complex?"
half of them I couldn't even figure what they were doing even with the 
description of what it did.

I prefer a more straight forward "Keep it simple" style of coding. by simple I 
do not mean BASIC *cringes*

> > javascript is actually not a bad language at all.. really the only thing
> > that really turns most people off of it is it's relationship with web
> > pages. and that is because of the mess caused by different
> > implementations.
> Please. Have you looked at Javascript's "OO model" ? Javascript is
> suitable to script applications, not to write ones from scratch.
Ok anyone that I've ever talked to when the language "javascript" is mentioned 
complete applications written in it is not even thought of. That is what I 
based it off of. 99% of the time web page script is thought of.
When I first heard of kjs I was thinking just scripting applications. 
definitely not a complete program written in it.
I agree 100% that it is good to script applications, but not to write one from 

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