Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Stephen Leaf smileaf at
Tue Oct 3 15:08:17 BST 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 8:29 am, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> On Sunday 01 October 2006 20:40, Stephen Leaf wrote:
> > On Sunday 01 October 2006 7:31 am, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> > > On Sunday 01 October 2006 13:00, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > > > I don't think it would be possible to reach a consensus on this one:
> > > > python <-> ruby <-> java <-> c# ...
> > >
> > > We want a script language, so Java and C# are out of consideration, the
> > > added value compared to C++ just isn't worth it. So it's between Python
> > > and Ruby (at least we all agree that Perl is a no-go :-) ).
> >
> > not everyone, I hate the python syntax. And as for ruby syntax?.. I've
> > seen scribbles that were more readable. Maybe it was just the examples on
> > the official page I dunno but it just churned my stomach.
> > I personally prefer Perl out of those 3 choices.
> What is the state of Perl bindings?

The Qt Bindings are stable but I've not heard much about the kde bindings. I 
assume they are either unstable or not being developed much.
being the perl6 syntax is completely different from perl5 I don't really blame 
them for not working on it too much. why support a dying language? However 
like many other languages I doubt we'll see perl5 die for a long time.

Really when I said that I was referring to the language syntax more than the 
state of the bindings. I've actually not done anything in perl for at least 3 
years now. never touched python or ruby. Only scripting I do now is bash and 

> Javascript is not a great language, but we already ship it, is easy enough
> to learn and it's small.
javascript is actually not a bad language at all.. really the only thing that 
really turns most people off of it is it's relationship with web pages. and  
that is because of the mess caused by different implementations.

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