Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Matt Newell newellm at
Tue Oct 3 20:51:35 BST 2006

> > I have the old perlqt bindings working for qt4.  Signals and slots work,
> > but only a small portion of the classes are wrapped, and all the
> > auto-figure-out-what-features-your-qt-has is ripped out.  So it would
> > still require a lot of work to get them up to release quality, and I HATE
> > perl, so I'm not going to work on them.
> >
> > But if there is interest i will send a tarball that could really get
> > someone started.  Btw, i have them building on windows too with only
> > mingw, perl, and qt as dependancies.
> Oh, that's interesting. Do mean the Qt2 PerlQt bindings that were driven
> by .pig interface files, and not the Smoke based Qt3 one? All those .pig
> files were a real pain to get working.
No, i am talking about the smoke based bindings.  I just took the qt3 perl 
bindings and ported them to qt4, but i took a lot of shortcuts along the way 
because i didn't need the gui classes.  

I just stripped out all the code for my libraries, since i was wrapping the 
parts of qt that i needed and the parts of my libraries all at once.  I got 
them to compile with a recent qt4 rsync snapshot.  

I'm sending the tarball to "Gary L. Greene Jr." <greeneg at>, if 
anyone else wants it just ask.

Whoever is going to work on these should probably just add 1 qt header file at 
a time to smoke/qt/header_list file.  Most qt classes should work fine with 
minor modifications.

i'm willing to help with any problems, but i don't have a ton of time to spend 
on this stuff.

BTW, I've been using PyQt4 bindings along with my own library bindings based 
on sip for about 8 months now and they are very high quality.  I don't have 
any experience with the Ruby bindings for comparison, but i don't think the 
perl 5 bindings can ever be as good as the PyQt bindings are, due to the 
limitations and uglieness of perl xs.


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