Okular moving (covering parts of .pdfs)

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Nov 29 22:34:00 GMT 2006

Kuba Ober wrote:
>> * covering unwanted sections with a black or white
>>   area
> ROTFL. You've made my day. One would think that only clueless bureaucrats 
> think that way ;)
> In order to remove content, you have to remove it, as in physically 
> overwriting the bits of image bitmaps in the .pdf, and clipping, splitting 
> and then removing the "hidden" paths. There's no other way. There could be 
> probably some postscript magic done to implement that, if noone did so yet.

I think the objective was to do such preparations prior to printing a 
document, so that the physical-paper-and-ink output would not have the 
undesired content. Otherwise, you are of course correct.

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