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Fri Nov 17 17:29:42 GMT 2006

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Kurt Pfeifle schrieb:
> On Friday 17 November 2006 14:19, mETz wrote:
>> I expect a viewer to _view_ (i.e. display) documents. Nothing more,
>> nothing less.
> I agree....
>> Maybe allow copying text/images to clipboard but that's 
>> about it. If I want to crop/rotate/rearrange some document then I want
>> to _edit_ it and not _view_ it (and for editing I use gimp, openoffice,
>> kate and kile)
> Right. The problem is: none of the applications you mention can edit
> *PDF* documents. And PDF is one of the core formats handled by these
> applications we discuss in this threat.

I never had the need to either edit PS or PDF, I use them as plain
output-formats (and I don't know anybody who edits those files either).
If somebody needs a PDF-editor then one has to write a PDF-editor.
Adding editing functions to a viewer because there is no editor
available feels weird to me.

> If I'm currently using a _viewer_, _viewing_ a document, and now it
> suddenly occurs to me (for whatever reason) that I may need to _edit_
> it, I do not want to start a completely separate application, and 
> load that document again. I'd rather prefer to click on "edit", and
> see how my viewer quickly loads its editing tools so I can use them 
> on the opened document....   [1]

But I don't want to wait for the viewer just because it also contains
editing tools :)
This is one of the main reasons why kpdf is so cool. It loads lightyears
faster than acroread and contains way less clutter (i.e.
toolbar-buttons, menu-items, sidebars).

Having modular applications, that can be both a viewer and an editor (by
loading editing tools at runtime) could solve the "reload in another
app"-problem but would make other things more complex. Let's take
image-formats as an example:
First, you want to look at a jpeg and you open it in ligature. Then you
decide to resize it and do that from within ligature because it has that
feature. But then you decide that the whole image is too bright,
unfortunately ligature does not have that feature so you open the file
in krita/gimp.

The problem I see here is that application-types start mixing which
makes it harder for the user to know which application is the right one
for a certain task. Of course this could be "fixed" if every application
would be perfectly modularized so that it could serve as a viewer, tiny
editor and also as a full-featured editor but I don't know any
application with such a approach.
Having only two kinds of apps(the plain viewer and the full-featured
editor) makes selecting applications for a certain task way easier.

> [1] Of course, being KDE, somehow it would be possible to determine
> that I always want to laod the full featureset right from startup, 
> because I may not be a "view only" user

installing two .desktop files with different startup arguments should do
the trick.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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