RFC: API and code changes to KShortcut and KAction

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Fri Nov 24 17:16:21 GMT 2006

Le vendredi 24 novembre 2006 05:36, Andreas Hartmetz a écrit :
> Hi!
> After getting confused by KShortcut, KAction and their documentation
> that leaves many semantic things unclear, I went ahead and improved
> them. 


> -KShortcut gets a "primary" and an "alternate" shortcut instead of a
> list of arbitrary length that was being used in bizarre ways and
> actually never with more than two shortcuts.

This is basically not used because the interface doesn't let you configure 
more than two shortcut.
Anyway, It could be usefull to keep this ability, which could be usefull, 
specially in the future.
Example, when mapping multimedia keys, or infra-red device keys

> [...]

Others change looks nice.

> Diff anyone? Unfortunately it will be very large. I am pretty sure
> that nobody would find problems at a glance so it would only be useful
> to someone who knows the code in question  and is willing to invest
> some time. It compiles and Works For Me(TM)...

Ok, we trust you :-)

> In the future I plant to add mouse gesture support to KAction. I have
> working prototype; the most important issue is how to configure mouse
> gestures in the shortcut configuration dialog. I need input from the
> usability people there.

Cool !

I wanted to do the same already.  My idea was to integrate KHotkeys with dbus 

Anyway, since mouse gesture is now in Qt (right?) that can be done more 

My plans was to do it this way:
 - I would add a column in the configure shortcut dialog with an icon for 
mouse gesture if there is a mouse gesture.  Maybe show a graph in a preview 
widget, and add a button to change it.
 - In the menu, add a small icon next to the shortcut, in order to remember 
the user there is a mouse gesture.
 - right click on the menu would allow to configure shortcut or directly set a 
gesture. (I even already started to code this item)

It's true that KHotkeys is pretty difficult to use, and i'm sure that people 
doesn't use mouse gesture because of that.
I would even add voice trigger to this, but this will require an integration 
with KHotkey daemon.

I encourage you to continue :-)

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