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Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:10:01 GMT 2006

On Friday 17 November 2006 02:47 am, Thomas Zander wrote:
> The usability theory discovered that creating software for a very small set
> of people will create software that is usable by a huge set of people.
> While creating software for just everyone will quickly make decisions on
> which features to have and how to design UIs so convoluted that you end up
> with software that only works for a few people (this tends to be what
> people call 'bloat').


> KDE as a whole has made several steps into defining our target audience.
> This has little to do with who _can_ use it, but a lot more on who you are
> wise to say 'no' to when someone asks a for a new feature.

Is that information available somewhere?  (To the "general public" (or at 
least me ;-)

Randy Kramer

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