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Fri Nov 17 14:19:59 GMT 2006

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Wilfried Huss schrieb:
> Am Donnerstag, 16. November 2006 20:47 schrieb Thomas Zander:
>> A huge portion of the features you listed in your email seem out of place for 
>> either app. As Tobias also pointed out.
> Why? Would you like to have an image viewer were you cannot crop the image,
> or rotate it? Deleting pages from a PDF file, mergin two PDF files, or rearranging
> the pages in a PDF file, are functions that I do expect of a good PDF viewer.

I expect a viewer to _view_ (i.e. display) documents. Nothing more,
nothing less. Maybe allow copying text/images to clipboard but that's
about it. If I want to crop/rotate/rearrange some document then I want
to _edit_ it and not _view_ it (and for editing I use gimp, openoffice,
kate and kile)

> Well, the targetaudiance for Ligature are definitely people that create documents
> and not only read them. A strong focus lies in a good TeX workflow.

Then ligature either has little to do with what kview was in KDE 3 or
"kview" just wasn't the right name :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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